martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008


The return on early education is 17 to 1: The Rand Corporation recently cited research that shows that the return to society for every dollar invested in early education came to be as high as $ 17. Almost 40% of children in America are not in early education programs.

2.7 million children have never attended school: 2'700 .000 child in Latin America and the Caribbean have never attended school and, on average, 27% of children drop out of school before completing primary school.

Nearly one in five children are invisible: is estimated that in Latin America 8.5 million children (18%) are not registered after birth. Without birth certificate, children become invisible and be denied access to education and health services.

A good child nutrition predicts a best adult salary: Research has shown that by providing good nutrition in childhood is achieved an increase of 46% in salaries perceived as adult male, were also shown that education has a positive relation with income and wealth. An investment in health and education for children is an investment in the region's future.

It is impossible not to think of the millions of children who pass through these situations, so we should not stay alone with the feeling, if we have the opportunity we must act as soon as possible, with anything we can.

Children in school, a better world!

Thanks to the Fundacion Alas for the data.

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